LPF focuses on ‘Beyond Scholarship’ by investing in the skill building and development.
LPF invests in its LPF Scholars, so that they can be employability ready young women, who become confident working professionals

Since its inception, 1500+ programs are organized for LPF Scholars as per their education category.
The programs are designed academic year wise and course wise.

LPF provides Internship & Placement Support to LPF Scholars, especially to those who are unable to
get placed through campus recruitment. This is done by working with the Corporate CSR Partners
and other organizations.


Essential Skills

One of the crucial aspects of skill building programs at LPF is the Essential Skills.
These Essential Skills consists of Self Defence, Health Awareness, Time Management, English
Communications and many more.

I attended the Self Defence program. This program will help
me and my fellow scholars a lot. The Trainer taught us about
facing our fears and how to use logic when going through a
difficult situation.

Shweta, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2019

Technical/ Functional Skills

The LPF Scholars taught technical/ functional subjects that are in sync with current industry trends like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Brain Disorder Syndrome, Machine Learning etc.

I had attended a Machine learning program conducted by
Komal Ma’am. It was very interactive. We learned about
machine learning, its importance, evolution, examples, types
and approach. We learned about IoT, Raspberry PI model,
actual infrared sensor and temperature sensor.

Rasika, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2018

I am lucky to have the opportunity to conduct the Basics of
Machine Learning Program, multiple times. This is my 6th
program, as a part of the ‘Give Back’ to LPF
and the LPF Scholars. I am happy that through this initiative, I can share
my knowledge with the LPF Scholars and give them a chance
to learn something new and exciting.

Komal, LPF Alum (LILA Girl) 2013

Professional Competencies

In this spectrum, the LPF Scholars are trained with a focus on making them corporate and employment ready through professional competency trainings like Personality Development, Presentation Skills, Leadership skills and many more.

Some of the professional competency training focuses on Attitude Building, Adapting to Change, Presentation Skills, Design Thinking, Innovation, Personality Development, Team Building & Four Temperaments, Leadership, Basic & Advance Excel Basic & Advanced Nursing Skills and many more.

With the Advanced Nursing Skills Program, I was able to
understand the more complex side of the skills, we as
healthcare professionals have. We had the opportunity to
understand the complex Human Anatomy, Surgical Techniques
and handling of Trauma Patients. I loved this program.

Ibakordor, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2017

Campus Readiness & Employability Skills

LPF in partnership with industry expert trainers as well as with Corporate Partner’s Employee volunteers conducts campus readiness workshops to improve interview skills, resume writing skills and group discussion readiness of LPF Scholars. Additionally, LPF has been providing online aptitude assessments to the LPF Scholars which has been helping them to improve their attitude towards aptitude.

The ATA online Aptitude test platform is playing a
major role in enhancing our aptitude skills. These tests
have various challenging questions that help in
improving our aptitude skills which are beneficial for
us during placement tests and entrance exams.

Siddhi, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2018

We have been doing this CEP Program for 4 years now and
our intention is to ensure that the girls from non-academic
curriculum learn something new like Big Data, AI,
Interview Skills and the things they require in industry and
this is our helping hand to Lila Poonawalla Foundation.

Training Team, Amdocs

Mentoring LPF Scholars

In today’s age, guidance from Industry Experts and Senior Leaders as Mentors play a great role in developing the work-based skill sets of LPF Scholars.

Many of the Leaders/ Managers from LPF’s Corporate CSR Partners take the initiative of mentoring our Scholars through online mentoring platforms and few through face to face mentoring sessions.

The Leaders guide them, share their stories and experiences and help them understand the corporate world. Senior Corporate/ HR Leaders has also helped our Scholars get good grades and get placed in reputed organizations.

When I was chosen as a Mentee, I wanted a mentor who could guide me and help me make better choices.
My Mentor was there for me when I was torn between continuing my studies or studying for my UPSC exams. His guidance helped me to pursue my degree which will help me get a job and take care of my family.
He is the next person I would go to for advice after my parents.

Sanika, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2016

Sanika's Mentor is a senior leader in a big IT Company. From the beginning, he was jovial. He would sit through their sessions, listening to Sanika talk about her academics and her desire to appear for the UPSC Exams. He guided and motivated her.
Thanks to his mentorship, Sanika is now pursuing her Engineering and preparing for her UPSC Exams parallels.
Industry Exposure

Through Industry Exposure visits offered by LPF’s Corporate CSR Partners and partnered institutes, the LPF Scholars can understand and learn the operations, technology, production and management of an organization. LPF Scholars visit the shop floor/ plant / corporate offices of these organizations, get to see the production/ assembly line, varied functions of the organization and interact with leaders.

This real-time experience builds the confidence of LPF Scholars and adds immense value to their overall experience.

The visit allowed me to learn about new
technologies. I especially enjoyed learning about
robotics. We also had a chance to watch the Kuka
Robot in action.

Utkarksha, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2015


Our partners play a key role in shaping the future of our LPF Scholars. Many of our partners have offered internship and placement opportunities to our LPF Scholars.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had an opportunity to work as an
Intern in such a reputed company. I had the privilege to work and
study about 'Electrical part fitment in a car model and their ECOS
process'. It was a great learning experience.

Nilam, LPF Scholar (LILA Girl) 2017 &
Intern Leader at SKODA AUTO Volkswagen India

Beyond sponsorship, I am proud of the fact that many of these scholars complete their internship with us, purely on their merits and have shown exceptional results.
I am extremely happy that the Foundation is providing these young talents exhaustive training and grooming them.

Mr. Jan Frydrych,
Executive Director - HR & Admin, SKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Ltd.

‘2MORROW 2GETHER’ School Scholarship & Skill Building Project

LPF focuses on ‘Beyond Scholarship’ by investing in the one to one counselling of girls/ parents and skill building and development of the LPF Scholars.

Skill Building & Training for LPF Scholars

LPF conducts varied training and development workshops for LPF Scholars right from 7th grade to graduation relevant to each phases- Phase I, Phase II and Phase III

Phase I
LILA Juniors (7th – 10th grade)

Academic skills programs like Spoken English, Computer Enhancement Program, Science and Math’s Enhancement, Personality Development, Etiquette and Mannerism, Awareness of Good Health and Hygiene, Self -Defence, Stress Management, Confidence Building, Career Guidance and extra Coaching sessions for academically weak girls.

Phase II
LILA Seniors (10th – 12th grade)

Time Management, Spoken English, Self-defence, and Subject Guidance for Science, Commerce and Arts stream, Career Guidance and Computer Fundamental – Internet and Email and MS – Office.

Phase III
LILA Girls (Undergraduate)

Subject Guidance for Science, Commerce & Arts stream, Career Guidance, Computer Fundamental – Java, C++, Languages, Personality Development, Grooming, Entrepreneurship Awareness, Soft Skill Training, Industry Exposure, Aptitude Readiness, New Age Technology Skills like Artificial Intelligence, Employability Skills by LPF networked Industry Experts and its Corporate CSR Partners through Employee Engagement/ Volunteering.


Through Exposure Visits, the LPF Scholars are uniquely introduced to subjects and curriculum.
LPF networked academia, industry experts and its Corporate Partners play a key role in this initiative.
Under this initiative, the Scholars have had the chance to explore science parks, exploratory, gardens, museums and summer camps.

The Skill Building and Training Programs have helped me a lot.
I have got a lot of important learnings from the Confidence Building
Program. It helped me to focus on my strengths.
It turned me into a confident young girl.

Sakshi, LPF Scholar (LILA Senior) 2015

Helping youth to make them ready for competitive world, is the need of the hour.
Be it reading, speaking and interviewing skills or career guidance,
students don’t get these essential skills at schools and colleges.
Working professionals need to come forward and help.
I am proud to be associated with Lila Poonawalla Foundation.

Mr. Suhas Kirloskar
Barclays Employee Volunteer

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